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[Story]"Puppeteer-Pinocchio" | Sibel Torunoglu

Puppeteer-Pinocchio | Sinan Çakmak


Puppeteer Shereph had a dusty, old store. His puppets were created there. Some were dressed up with flanette nightgowns and some with nylon nightgowns. Some were mothers, some were fathers, some were children, some were prosecuters, some were police officers. Upstairs of the store was his home. But he was never climbing upstairs. He was living downstairs with his crammed gimcrackery.

After turning Pinocchio into a human being, kind-hearted faery explained her secret like this: Shereph made so fine puppets whose shadows are humane. Puppets follow humane shadows, and humane shadows follow puppet bodies, said she.

Another secret of the kind-hearted faery was to teach puppets, us, how to eat. When learned old mathematics and that the total number of the total living beings is two, my mouth that opened with sharp teeth asked: Then, who am I eating now, what is this flavour so sweet and so favourable to my mouth?

Puppeteer Shereph both made us talk and talked himself. We just said what he said.

I said, Shereph Abi(1), I am a woman and the other is a man, huh?
He is a woman but you aren't a woman, said he.
Female spider eats her man, said the arachnida with one voice.
Female scorpion eats her man after she mates with him, said the scorpionida.
There was a couple of turtledoves near my window, in love and happy.
I was young. My brother was also young. One day my mother prepared a bird trap, we were going to catch quails. We caught just one quail. Lots of quails came to the bait, but only a weak one had been caught. My mother gave the knife to the hands of my brother. My brother looked at the bird and looked at its eyes that were opened and closed. Do not trust my manhood so much, said he. My mother laughed. We let the quail go, it flew away.

My aunt had come from the town that winter. Ultimately we caught one of the turtledoves near my window. My mother made my aunt to cut the Hagia Sophia coloured turtledove.

It was as if I ate the love inside me. I was very hungry. Nobody ate, only I ate just the male turtledove: dipping into its turtledove coloured water. Later near my window the female dove cried for years. Turtledove couples stay single for a lifetime, after their mates die. I did also cry for a lifetime. Waiting for my lover in another world. Whole universe remained one person. Where is the other? Shereph! shouted the puppets. Humane shadows shouted. Their souls shouted with pain.

I became homosexual and I ate turtledoves for pleasure. I became homosexual for pleasure and I am both inside and outside the whole mathematics. Puppeteer, called Shereph wrote the scenario like that. The scenario happened in a flesh-eaten universe. We, puppets created the fashion. We created homosexual fashion. A new supply-demand relationship.

Puppeteer Shereph died at ninetytwo. He poured gasoline on his wooden leg. He lit a match and threw on it. Puppets cannot find the puppeteer anymore. An idle game is going on. Remember Shereph, remember, they are shouting with one voice. In a wide forest, puppets' voices are echoing like they are accompanying bitter song, trees are silent.

Let me be the wood, the other be carpenter
Let me be the woman, you be the other Shereph
Cut me, make a house from me.
Make a cage, make a coffin from me.

- You are a windmill Pinocchio and the wind is your lover.
- Let me be Dulcinea, you be Don Quixote.
- You make love with the wind, with the enthusiasm from you soul, but you are not living.
- Are you, too Shereph?
- Yes, Dulcinea.

Blind children's mother is colour
The deaf's is voice
Trees' is bread
The alone's cat
Good children established the universe
Wind established mine.

I am facing a serious problem: LIFE!
But when not take life as a problem, what is the purpose of the human brain? What is the use of the weak being we deceive that you will take revenge one day?

Recently a bull was chased for three days without being caught. In the end, when its female was shown, it surrendered.

That is life! That is all!
Abbrivation for elder brother, used in colloqual language to express respect to someone you probably know.

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Translation published on 20/12/2008
Translated by
Tugce Aytes

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