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"He that writeth in blood and proverbs doth not want to be read, but learnt by heart." Thus Spoke Zarathustra / Nietzsche

Welcome to MaviMelek English Pages!

These pages you are about to read are an anthology of selected poems, stories and essays from illustrated literature magazine MaviMelek (BlueAngel). Our aim is to extend our angel's wings, by reaching anyone who is interested in MaviMelek and introducing real piece of works to lovers of literature, culture and arts. Translations will be added periodically. We hope that you will enjoy reading MaviMelek.

MaviMelek takes its name from Heinrich Mann's novel "Professor Unrat" written in 1905 and followingly from Josef von Sternberg's internationally well-known film, adapted into screenplay as "Blue Angel" (Der Blaue Angel in German) in 1930.

Who then are we? is a literature, culture and arts platform where words are inverted, and stripped of their vestments, solidified in their meanings, their exteriors multiplied into segments, the segments divided into whole numbers, the remainders added up with the help of a calculator and thrown into a bag, and then picked up randomly from the bag. Then they are lined up to make up sentences, here the predicates are disturbed, the subjects terminated, the objects dissolved, the sentenced highlighted in its plain state. Where embellished words are extracted from sentences with care, the feelings spoken out, logic removed, "where one dives into cool water from hot sands." Where Godot is stubbornly waited, Mephisto is fooled and where everything is coolly observed without intervention. It is a place where barrel beer is drunk to the company of rock'n'roll.

MaviMelek is a collective publication in the form of an e-magazine, where words with of an alternative tendency are amplified, communal songs are listened, where the meanings of sayings are altered, where identities are quarried, where time is revised, where things are done openly by disregarding the rules, words are sometimes read reversely or are sometimes never read, where songs are sung together under same the blue sky.

It takes its life source from what is avant-garde to deeper "underground"…

Blue Note: Everyone who is willing to translate works that were previously published in MaviMelek can contact with us.

Tugce Aytes
Editor (MaviMelek English Pages)

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Here comes our selections for you:

[Story] Ali Riza Arican | "Minister Throws Shoe at Protesting Journalist"

[Poems] Ralph Waldo Emerson | "Hermione"

[Story] Virginia Woolf | "A Haunted House"

[Story] Vüs'at O. Bener | "Cry a Little Descartes"

[Story] Melike Şenyüksel | "The Root"

[Exhibition News] Hasan Uygun | "If Metal Talks: Ilker Yardimci Sculpture Exhibition"

[Poems] Ralph Waldo Emerson | "Song Of Nature"

[Story] Saki | "The Story-Teller"

[Poems] Ralph Waldo Emerson | "The World-Soul"

[Story] Jale Sancak | "Sulukule"

[Story] Sultan Yavuz | "Magpie"

[Story] Safa Fersal | "Lady Lazarus"

[Poems] Axilea M. Uzumcuoglu | "Tense - Like Us"

[Story] Ruhsen Dogan Nar | "The Black Cage"

[Story] Murat Gülsoy | "Giving Up The Hearts"

[Poem] Gülsen Destanoglu | "The Fairy Of Gray Tales Who Is Longing For Blue"

[Story] Fatih Kaynak | "Lunch Break, Death and Shakespeare"

[Story] Hasan Uygun | "A Nice Day"

[Poem] Mehmet Fidan | "Blind Poem"

[Story] Sibel Torunoglu | "Puppeteer-Pinocchio"

[Story] Erinc Büyükasik | "A Pera Tale"

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