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Ilker Yardimci


“The Dreamclipper”, “the Timeclipper”, “the Pillager”, “the Course Of the Stagnant”, “the Public Game”, “Metalorganic”, “the Confusion of the Prism” and so on... All are reminiscent of some deep meanings, like names of literary works. However, these names seem to be the messenger of the new form they will attain a creativity essence when spheres, cubes and prsims, the most basic universal forms, are conceived not only as visible formas in the nature but also abstract beings beyond the unseen. The important thing is to knead this paste with a proper and simple hand and to bring it a sense of rhythm and dynamism.

A part of an ordinary scissor that is regarded as trash, a deformed object which waits to be grinded in a junkyard, with a bunch of metal or a stack of molten iron that has been melted by a welding machine in a repair shop... It's all garbage to an ordinary eye, isn't it?

It's not! It's not, because a hand grabs it and gives it his or her own special touch, brings it together with artlovers. They all find a new meaning and become a permanent artwork in artist's hands.

Insecta seriesIt seems like all objects which had been touched by skilled hands that give life to the metal and are shown to people in the exhibition hall, came to life. It's as if “the Pillager” will jump out from the bottom of the statue to the audience, is preparing to stroll among the “Endless Columns” and lead its little brothers and sisters “Insecta”s. Also, a simple freedom shares “the Confusion of the Prism” and tries to stay away from “the Mechanic” observer's eyes. At times that our feelings expressed“In the Space”, it's impossible not to envy “Cervantes”. But everytime our Don Quijotic dreams fall apart, we creep into our own skin and become a part of “The Game of Public” with a childish consolation.

How far it is possible for human beings among so much metal in a sculpture exhibition to feel life, to try to be a part of the game that life offers, to be overwhelmed not with merely a sense of game but the triggering seduction of the imaginary?

Ones who know the difference between looking and seeing would know art is a simple and strong way of communication. Especially when it comes to the art of sculpture, any artlover knows every sculpture has its own life story, a reason of being and its integrity with the marks of its creator.

TimeclipperThere took place a sculpture exhibition Mecidiyekoy Campus Exhibition Hall of Halic University. The exhibition that opened on the 23 of March exhibited 25 works that had been made of different materials by sculpture artist Ilker Yardimci between the years of 2003-2008 hosted artlovers till April 2009, 15 th.

Yardımcı, whose works appear in institutions like Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Soktas A.L., HSBC Bank, ERDEMIR, Schools of ENKA, Beijing Yi Dong Sculpture Co. and private collections, waved the flag for Turkey in the Competition Of Olympic Games City Sculptures with his work, “the Confusion of Prism”. It's also possible to see the sculpture which is one of the 26 international works of the artist in the exhibition.

Ilker Yardimci, whose works are usually made of metal ingredients, uses a metal workshop to create his sculptures. Yardimci spends most of his time among metal parts, junks, welding machines, cutters, sketches and models and says that he “wants to create a studio, as organic as it can be, and that carries traces of life, reserves energies and lives in itself”. And he reflects this to his sculptures. When he's asked about his motivation of creativity, he says: “The essence of a knife is to cut.”

Journey of the standingYardımcı usually pursues an expressionist way in his art, his works that he reflects his emotional state communicates with the audience, sometimes in an agressive and sometimes in a calm outlook.

Short Biography:
İlker Yardimci, born in Konya/Eregli in 1974, graduated from Sculpture in Dokuz Eylul University Fine Arts Faculty, with his sculpture exhibition at Izmir Fransiz Kultur Merkezi. In 2004, he began his MA in Sculpture Essential Arts Branch of Fine Arts Institute of the forementioned university. In this period, he produced sculptures, installations with mixd techniques and metal materials. In 2007, he accomplished his graduate degree with his master thesis titled "The Place and Expression Possibilities of Metal Materials in Modern Sculpture" and his exhibition at Italyan Kultur Merkezi. Yardimci still attends the doctoral programme of Proficiency in Art at Dokuz Eylul Fine Arts Institute.

Exhibition Address:
Haliç Üniversitesi
Büyükdere Cad. No:101, 34394 Mecidiyeköy - Istanbul
Tel: (0 212) 275 20 20 | Faks: (0 212) 274 81 22 | e-posta:

News published on 28/03/2009
Translated by Toprak Deniz Odabaşı

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